On-Site Audiology Services

Our mission is to provide the most complete, efficient and caring audiology services possible. We offer a comprehensive array of services including cerumen (ear wax) removal, hearing loss prevention, and hearing rehabilitation to include hearing aids and assistive listening systems. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss and to improve the ability for family and healthcare professionals to care for and provide quality health care services.

Our Doctors of Audiology (Au.D)

Our Illinois Board certified Doctors of Audiology are licensed and certified by the State. The Doctor will schedule regular visits to your facility usually a minimum of once per month on the same day each month and is available to provide hearing health to all your residents. They coordinate with your staff to identify and screen residents who need to be seen and will confirm with your staff 3 days prior to the visit the residents that need to be seen.

Inner Ear Hair Cells Dancing

Our Licensed Dispensers

Our State licensed and certified Dispensers will visit the facility on an as needed basis based on the residents who are prescribed hearing aids as part of their hearing rehabilitation. The intent is to provide the instrument as quickly as possible to provide maximum benefit for the individual.

Audiology Program Features and Benefits

  • Regular Audiologist Visits
  • Enhanced Quality of Life for the Residents
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repairs
  • Medicaid Hearing Aids
  • In‐Service Programs Educational Services
  • Wireless TV Listeners for Resident Rooms and Common Areas
  • Best of all, there is NO COST TO THE FACILITY