Hear Better Without Hearing Aids™ Solutions by ClearSounds®

ClearSounds® Communications has risen to become the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge assistive listening devices for individuals experiencing mild-to-severe hearing loss. Our successes can be attributed to the passion our stakeholders and employees share for helping customers experience a life rich in conversation.

ClearSounds®’ product line includes amplified telephones, emergency contact telephones, portable phone amplifiers, personal listening systems, wireless TV headsets, alarm clocks, and wireless accessories such as amplifying neck loops for cell phone users as well as specialized hearing aids. These products are affordable, simple to use devices that help you to hear clearly without a hearing aid. They are also wonderful compliments to a hearing aid that may not be effective in every environment.

ClearSounds has partnered with ABHF to assist in funding out Fair Pricing program and our Audiology Outreach Programs. 5% of every product sold via the link below will be donated to the ABHF. In addition, ClearSounds will offer a 10% discount at checkout when you use coupon code ABHF.