Fair Pricing Clinics

Non-profit hearing health clinic Fair Pricing Program

A safe hearing aid referral

Referring a patient with a probable hearing loss to just any audiology or dispenser office can pose a potential problem for your practice. The cost of hearing aids can be astronomical. Often, you find that after the referral, your patient reports their irritation or anger at being pressured to purchase a pair of very expensive hearing aids. The end result can be that you run the risk of losing or alienating a good patient and more importantly, they may not get the hearing assistance that they need because of high cost

Yet for those individuals with a hearing loss, what do you do?

The American for Better Hearing Foundation (ABHF) is a 501 (c)(3)Non-Profit Charitable Organization committed to helping everyone, but especially low-income individuals receive quality hearing health care.In addition to our primary mission of providing on-site audiology care in nursing homes and supportive living for under-serviced Medicaid eligible residents, we also want to make sure that all seniors and people with a hearing loss can receive hearing aids that are superior quality and affordable.

ABHF Fair Pricing Program

To support our primary mission, ABHF has opened a non-profit hearing health clinic at 100 Tower Dr Unit 101 Burr Ridge IL. 60527 that provides name-brand hearing aids at our manufacturer’s cost plus a nominal markup that covers our operating costs and provides a level of support for our primary mission.

A safe referral

You can refer your patients to the ABHF clinic with the knowledge that they will receive the highest quality service from licensed professionals and have the confidence that they will save hundreds to thousands of dollars if the do elect to purchase one or a pair of hearing aids through the Americans for Better Hearing Foundation.


Price lists are available in the clinic for price comparison